While earthworks activity is VINCI Construction Terrassement “backbone”, it is not the only thing guaranteeing the performance of our actions.

We integrate all the expertise that enables the smooth implementation of an infrastructure or development project: water purification, construction of engineering structures, installation of noise barriers or soil remediation. These different lines of business serve four domains of activities: transport infrastructure, coastal and rivers amenities, environmental amenities and sites and platforms amenities.



Excavate, move and reuse the land, to make it usable. The art of earthworks consists in optimizing the resources generated by the project to be carried out, namely the excavated material, through modern and environmentally friendly engineering. The work undertaken by VINCI Construction Terrassement shapes the natural terrain of the site by constantly adapting operating methods to the type of soil and weather conditions encountered.


It is about finding a balance between what is extracted and what is reused, in order to limit the surpluses that can be assimilated to waste and the use of materials extracted from quarries. To do so, we bring our added value, in sum the ability to control the construction, from the study of the soil, the assessment of risk to the site completion.


Acoustic barriers : protection from noise disturbances
Infrastructure: restoring communication lines
Wastewater disposal & watertight infrastructure: water collection and quality control
Remediation & demolition: analysis, sorting and treatment
Acoustic barriers : protection from noise disturbances

The fitment of acoustic barriers and sound protection devices fulfils the vital function of providing insulation against noises and noise disturbances, through various processes in which our ALTEA branch in Lyon specializes. Our branch engineers, designs and fits all types of screens made of concrete, wood, wood cement, glass, metal, etc., or even plant-covered screens.

Infrastructure: restoring communication lines

Infrastructure work consists of the construction of lines of communication or of transportation routes, that is, bridges (road or rail bridges), tunnels, dams or other structures. Thanks to our unrivalled expertise and experience in this field, we are involved in all these types of construction structures.

Wastewater disposal & watertight infrastructure: water collection and quality control

The collection and disposal of wastewater, and removal of various types of pollution from wastewater, are essential technical skills that enable us to limit the environmental impact of our construction sites. We equally implement all the measures necessary to ensure that permanent structures are completely watertight and once they have been handed over, they are not affected by the natural elements.

Remediation & demolition: analysis, sorting and treatment

Pollution and its environmentally damaging effects have an impact on all soil. As soon as a project has been set up, we analyse the soil in question and we conduct a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the level of contamination. Once we have completed our diagnosis, we provide guidelines with regard to the best technical, regulatory and environmental choices you can make, in order for the soil to be treated as fully and as effectively as possible, in a very short timespan and at a low financial cost.

Our equipment


The main role of the Equipment Department is to manage the technical and financial aspect of the VINCI Construction Terrassement and its associated subsidiaries’ equipment. As such, it must guarantee under the best conditions of technical and economic efficiency, a high level of material efficiency and offer solutions and equipment that comply with current regulations and are in line with the company’s needs.


We own our own equipment fleet of more than 400 production machines, which are controlled in majority by GPS. In our repair center, we recondition and regenerate mechanical components and machines. In the regions or on each major construction site, decentralized workshops allow our mechanics to carry out maintenance and troubleshooting of the machines. The innovative capacity of the material department and work teams is a valuable resource for designing new machines or equipment adapted to the needs of a construction site: autograde, extruder for concrete ditches, clamps with accropods, deep shovels, modular track separation system…



The expertise is at the heart of VINCI Construction Terrassement’s business. To guarantee a global vision to our clients, we have a unique range of resources and specialised skills.


From the risk assessment to the final worksites, we have set up over time and through our subsidiary IUR, a design office at the cutting edge of technology. The skills of the draftsmen, designers and engineers that compose it, offer us the technical capacity to manage all the different stages of our projects and to guarantee the quality of the works and infrastructures as well as the control of key dates.


Our design office IUR develops all current, non-current, and major infrastructure projects design. It brings support during tender period, carries out preliminary measurements and intervenes during construction on any technical problems encountered.


They are used to draw up a detailed quantitative estimate, a provisional estimated calendar for carrying out the work, which serve as a reference for all contractors on a site.


The mining department prospects new sites and builds platforms and infrastructures access for the exploitation of mining sites, extraction and ore processing. It also contributes to the rehabilitation of sites at the end of the exploitation period.