Historically rooted in the field earthworks, where the company is the world leader in the treatment of fine soils, VINCI Construction Terrassement has gradually conquered the fields of data acquisition and global project management. Today, the company integrates all the trades necessary to build a structure.

Conveying our accumulated experience



Business and technical skills are VINCI Construction Terrassement’s best assets. From the equipment operator to the profit center manager, we offer the full range of jobs necessary for our activity: site manager, topographical technician, construction supervisor, chief mechanic, works engineer, geotechnical project manager, design engineer and construction director.

Continuous training, alternating, à la carte, tutoring, internships … Everything is put into place to maintain, enrich and transmit skills under the best conditions, while integrating new professions. 50 master builders and 60 tutors ensure both the transmission of the company’s culture and of its know-how, our ambition being to constantly develop the excellence and the creativity of our employees.